Another project to automate waste accounting has been completed

ATC Basis LLC has successfully completed another complex project on automation of waste accounting for a food factory with annual processing capacity of 250 thousand tons of raw materials. The factory is located in Kashira and is one of the largest food industry enterprises both in Russia and in the world.

The company had a need to automate waste accounting and control. At the time when ATC Basis LLC specialists arrived, the records were kept in Excel, there was no clear understanding of how much waste was generated, when it was weighed and shipped. The data was pulled into a common file with the help of macros. As in every large enterprise, the factory has several points of waste generation, which presents a problem. There were also difficulties and nuances with the choice of equipment, software, and integration. There is no ready-made solution in this area. Therefore, first a scheme of implementation and the project as a whole was developed and then the entire system was written from scratch.

As a result, we were able to successfully implement a unique project, we introduced automation of the scales, developed a software to work with data, created a user interface.

The project implementation time was 3 months. The project involved 5 programmers, 3 engineers of the IT infrastructure department and 5 employees of the industrial automation department.