System for tracking the movement of raw materials and finished products

What Is Implemented:
  • Each factory has developed and implemented an application to track the passage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products through all stages of the technological process. The applications work independently and are integrated with the accounting system
  • A mobile user interface for barcode scanners has been developed so that plant personnel can use the system directly at their workplaces
  • Developed a customizable application focused on constant change. Developed protocols for software interaction between different levels
  • The standardization of PLCs is proposed
  • Implemented an analytics-accessible data storage solution
Client: an international company producing food and pet food. On the territory of the Russian Federation has 7 factories.
Problematics and Inquiry:
  • The need for automated accounting and control of various types of raw materials and semi-finished products
  • The need to optimize costs and production costs
  • The need to ration raw materials and stabilize the quality of finished products
  • When implementing the task, there were certain difficulties associated with the fact that different equipment was used. There was no single standard for the equipment and it was impossible to reprogram it. That is, an individual solution was developed for each factory
  • It was necessary to ensure smooth operation of the software and good integration, because system failures in one of the areas could lead to a shutdown of the factory
  • Java
  • HTML
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • OPC
  • Teamcity
  • Intermec Printer Language
  • Oracle
  • APIs
Economic effects:
  • 10% reduction in operating costs
  • Reduced product quality claims
  • Ability to adapt equipment settings to changes in legislation
  • Reducing oversorting due to mislabeling
  • Optimization of warehousing and production areas through more correct planning of raw material procurement volumes. Expansion of the production area